Macy and Chanel represent iconic brands. While they are two different companies, I am Macy Chanel. While most think this is a stage name, it is my real name and I work hard to live up to it. Modeling is an extension of my life. The desire to be in front of the camera is constant and it drives me to improve. 
Every photoshoot, commercial, or promotion I is a way to tell a story. This is my story is wrapped into each individual project. I consistently deliver beauty, grace and elegance with each project I am involved in. Being 5'3" stature has never held me back. My energy and enthusiasm is always brought showcasing my talent as well as my communication.  My goal is to be your go-to and to provide great value. I will live up to the big name that Macy Chanel implies and I want to take your brand to the next level.

My look, get the details:

Age: 21
Height: 5'3" 
Weight: 102 lbs
Bust: 34" 
Waist: 24" 
Hips: 32’' 
Inseam:  27" 
Dress: 0-2
Shoe: 6.0 

I am cechec, bohemian  french, and greek with long locks of different blondes and green eyes with tan skin.  

Hair color: Combination of blondes  
Hair length: Medeuim
Eye color: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: Tan


I am comfortable with my body, I require you communicate with me your concept while being EXACT on what you would like being delivered from me as a model standpoint. This helps me come properly prepared. I’m well aware of the line between artistic and pornographic. Knowingly,  I do photograph implied.  I will not pose for anything that would be considered tasteless with no artistic direction. My admiration for the female body is nothing but beauty, which is the same exact way I want mine to be portrayed.

My rates will be based on your level of experience, the genre of the shoot, and level of my involvement. All of this is negotiated upon discussion of the work. If you are requesting me for any type of travel regarding the shoot,  the coverage of travel expenses is required in addition to my day rate. This is typically around $500. As I mention above my rate does depend on your level of experience, the genre of the shoot, and level of my involvement. I have hourly rates, and flat rates as well.  

While shooting, it should be none the less but an enjoyable experience for both while  maintaining a professional relationship and actions being preformed. I expect this from every party being involved. Respect and common courtesy are a must as well as an open and honest line of communication, especially as far as expectations go.

I am willing to consider TFP shoots on an occasion. This will depends on the artist, concept, and what is required on my behalf. It has to be something that will catch my interest and will benefit my port.

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